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About US


Implatech Institute, organizes courses and promotes post-graduate master programs as in collaboration with institutes and universities since 2007. The aim to collaborate with universities and institutes emerged from the idea to develop products, based on the principle of evidence based dentistry by conducting scientific studies with many international universities and institutes. In order to ensure the correct use of the developed products, Implatech organizes workshops, seminars, cadaver courses, and postgraduate education for the users in world wide.

Since education is the master key for successful treatments we develop our programs every year to meet the standards of the needs in accordance with advancing technologies and techniques.

Bachelor Degree Programs

Medicine and Surgery
Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics

Post-Graduate Second Level Master Programs

Oral Surgery & Implantology
Clinical Periodontology
Advanced Implantology


Human Cadaver
Hard-Soft Tissue Management
Digital Dentistry
Hands-on: Patient Treatment

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